Kent Feel Berry

$3835 / $4794

Kent HD Blue 6

$3835 / $4794

Kent HD Futura (Futura 8)

$3756 / $4695

Kent HDi Blue

$2570 / $3213

Kent HD Infinia (White 1)

$3756 / $4695

Kent HDi Silver

$3235 / $4044

Kent HD Neo (Neo 4)

$3629 / $4536

Kent HD Silver 4

$2791 / $3489

Kent iSwitch Silver

$3835 / $4794

Kent Nanotek Infina

$3835 / $4794

Kent Nanotek Silver

$3487 / $4359

Kent Nanotek White

$3756 / $4695

Kent HD Spectra

$2671 / $3339

Kent Nanotek Futura

$2042 / $2553

Kent Nanotek Neo

$2042 / $2553


Kent Nanotek, Kent HD, Kent Convertibles are the newest assortments of the Kent brand that our cigarette shop offers at really low prices.

This trademark is recognized all over the world as a premium tobacco. Smokers that have experienced these cigarettes are pleased with their taste, which relaxes and inspires. Kent cigarettes are preferred by cigarette smokers of different cultures and styles. Women choose Kent for its delightful savor, men - for its influence. It doesn't matter whether you are a smoking veteran or a young smoker, Kent has the taste of refined tobacco combined with the special selected aromatic additives, that will surely be appreciated.

Those who have tried this tobacco product, like it from the first inhale. The fact that the savor of Kent is much better then of cigarettes present on the market for a long time, can be affirmed by every person that has smoked Kent.

The producer of Kent cigarettes is British American Tobacco Company, the third largest tobacco enterprise, the smoking products of which are sold on the markets of more than 180 countries. Along with Kent brand, BAT produces such wonderful cigs as Dunhill, Kent, State Express 555, Pall Mall, Rothmans, Peter Stuyvesant, Benson & Hedges, Winfield, John Player, Lucky Strike, Kool, and Viceroy.

Not long ago, the company has enlarged the Kent brand range, introducing new notes to its success. Changes and improvements were not only in quality, but also in the design. Now, Kent became more attractive not only due to its delightful taste, but also due to the modern appearance.

If you are curious abut how excellence becomes even better, order Kent cigarettes now. Premium smoking quality and the lowest prices are here for you.