Prima Lux

Prima Lux Red

$1766 / $2208

Prima Lux Slims Selection nr.6

$1766 / $2208

Prima Lux Blue

$1766 / $2208

Prima Lux Gold

$1766 / $2208

Prima Lux Silver

$1766 / $2208

Prima Lux Slims Selection nr.4

$1172 / $1465

Prima Lux Superslims Selection n.4

$1247 / $1559

Prima Lux Superslims Selection n.6

$1436 / $1795

Prima Lux White

$1416 / $1770

Prima Non-Filter

$427 / $534

Prima Optima Blue

$1416 / $1770

Prima Optima Gold

$1416 / $1770

Prima Optima N.6

$1325 / $1656

Prima Optima Red

$1416 / $1770

Prima Silver Amber

$1370 / $1713

Prima Silver Blue

$1416 / $1770

Prima Silver Red

$1416 / $1770

Prima Lux

Prima Lux cigarettes are one of the leading brands in CSI. This brand is equally preferred by experienced and young smokers.

Prima Lux is produced in Ukraine. Namely, the domestic smokers show the biggest interest in this brand, being number one on the state's tobacco market.

Prima isn't preferred just because it's a national product, but because of its taste and premium quality ingredients that make the flavor of Prima Lux simply "excellent".

The producer has compiled the best technologies in this smoking product in order to create a luxurious smoking product. Prima Lux brand was qualified as "a value-for-money Eastern European brand". For many smokers Prima Lux has turned into a "luxury" for life.

The sales of this product have significantly increased after the introduction of a new cigarette filter. And only after a short period of time Prima became one from the few premium cigarettes sold in Western Europe.

Unfortunately, this brand wasn't available for the biggest part of cigarette smokers. But now, our online store brings luxurious Prima to USA and more EU regions at a very low price.

The reason why the number of Prima smokers is so large is in its large variety. Under the sign of Prima Lux are marketed the following brands: Prima Red, Prima Blue, Prima Lux Slims Selection №6, Prima Super Lights, Prima Ultra Lights and Prima Lux Slims Selection №4.

All these Lux variations of Prima are available at the best price in our online cigarettes store. Choose the Prima cigarette you like and save your money, time and invest them in your comfort and pleasure.