Red & White

Red & White American Blend

$1788 / $2235

Red & White Classic (Non-Filter)

$773 / $966

Red & White Select (Non-Filter)

$773 / $966

Red & White Special

$1252 / $1565

Red & White Fine

$1898 / $2373

Red & White Superslims Fine

$1285 / $1606

Red & White Superslims Rich

$1285 / $1606

Red & White Superslims Shine

$1285 / $1606

Red & White Superslims Special

$1285 / $1606

Red & White

Red & White cigarettes

When creating a new product Altria takes into account all types of smokers. That's why this tobacco company has a successful business in more than 160 countries around the world.

All brands produced by this company are highly demanded for their premium quality. This applies to Red&White cigarettes too. Their taste expresses a feeling of bliss and inspiration.

Red&White are wrapped in a special delicate white paper, which brings the impression of purity and freshness.

The impression, experienced when lighting up this cigarettes smoking product, is a long lasting relaxation and pleasurable bliss. This is what Red&White smokers love about this brand, and the list doesn't stop here.

The producer of this smoking brand is Philip Morris, the proprietor of vastly popular tobacco products. With Red&White Philip Morris offers the best of what cig' users need from a cigarette.

It's not necessary to speak about perfection of Red&White, as it is well known, but of the novelty discount price that is offered by our cigarettes store. If you want it, we have the following variations of Red&White: Red & White American Blend, Red&White Special and Red&White Fine.

Each of these assortments has a distinctive taste and aroma. Red&White King Size contains blended tobacco delivering the taste of first grade quality tobacco.

Red&White Lights along with premium ingredients have a special filter that refines the smoke and makes it "lighter".

The lightest variation is Red&White Super Lights that are the softest in taste.

We offer quality cigarettes and low prices, you choice ends up with selecting the brand you want to order. Don't worry: we assure discount prices and the best quality of tobacco products.