Sobranie Blue

$3804 / $4755

Sobranie Gold

$3804 / $4755

Sobranie London Cocktail

$5201 / $6501

Sobranie SuperSlims Black

$3802 / $4753

Sobranie SuperSlims Gold

$2779 / $3474

Sobranie SuperSlims Pink

$2875 / $3594

Sobranie SuperSlims White

$3800 / $4750

Sobranie Black Russian

$5201 / $6501

Sobranie Slims Blues

$1890 / $2363

Sobranie Slims Mints

$1890 / $2363


Nowadays women get more and more authority and equality in society. Tobacco companies appreciate this tendency and offer all smoking ladies the best that can tobacco can give.

An important place among premium female cigarettes is taken by Sobranie cigarettes, which are characterized as a high-quality brand. It's hard do deny, because Sobranie is a genuine high-end tobacco product that has no substitutes. This confirmed by thousands of women who have tried this delightful smoking product at least once.

Gallagher Group tobacco company, being the owner of Sobranie brand, implies female refinement and purity in these cigarettes. They offer what modern ladies need so much: relaxation and enchantment.

As every woman is unique in her preferences and nature, the producer, Gallaher tobacco, offers a large variety of Sobranie, which our online store is happy to offer at a very low price. There are such variations like: Sobranie Slims Pinks, Sobranie Slims Mints, Sobranie Slims Blues, Sobranie Black Russian, Sobranie London Cocktail and Sobranie Slims Whites.

Dear ladies, if you have never tasted these excellent cigarettes, then it's time to do so. And don't be afraid that you won't like them. All Sobranie variations have a distinct flavor. Every brand was inspired and created especially for you, basing on the tested and most demanded preferences.

The unique design makes Sobranie cigarettes more attractive and individual. Our cigarette shop has the thing you need. Decide on what Sobranie variation you would like to buy, and we will deal with all the rest. Fast shipping, qualified support center and low prices will meet your expectations.

Sobranie Cigarettes